Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pretty girl rock?

I consider myself 60% tomboy and 40 % girly girl.

The tomboy side:
  • Loves to wear jeans and tennis shoes (would wear all the time if possible)
  • Favorite sports include boxing, UFC, football, and any live action sport where there could be possible fighting or bloodshed
  • Hanging out with guys instead of girls
  • burping, belching, and yes....passing gas
  • No makeup and a quick ponytail to keep my hair out my face
  • Excessive cursing when necessary

The girly girl side:
  • Likes to look pretty and will wear a dress or skirt if needed
  • likes lip gloss
  • thinks puppies and kittens are the cutest thing on earth
  • will scream bloody murder if any type of bug crawling or flying crosses my path
  • Cries at the drop of a hat.
  • Loves a good movie or series with a happy ending.
More and more I cannot stop analyzing what defines pretty and how it is portrayed to women and girls. When I was younger, pretty was blue eyes and bouncy golden hair with curls. Being a black female, I was way on the other end of the spectrum. This was burned in my mind through television, books, and the toys I played with. I feel that I am pretty and know that there was no way to change my hair texture or eye color. It didn't bother me, especially being 60% tomboy, I didn't care how I looked.

For those of you who don't understand this phenomenon, I would suggest you read the book by Toni Morrison called "The Bluest Eye"

Now that I'm 30, and I feel my girly girl side trying to break out. What didn't matter before, is starting to piss me off a little bit. WHO DEFINES WHAT PRETTY or BEAUTIFUL is? And WHO the heck DECIDED THAT INJECTING SILICONE adds to that STATUS?

I am disturbed that women are voluntarily going to inject themselves with a man made product to get the most gigantic potions of breasts and behind that their body frame can handle (or can't). Maybe because I am a slim woman, maybe this is a hint of jealousy.....but I just don't understand. I am not putting down anyone who gets plastic or enhancing is your body and your choice. But was wrong with what god (or who or what you believe in) has given you? Why do you need 44 triple G Breasts?

I ask my guy friends who can take their eyes off of TV or music videos when these women appear and I ask, "What makes her beautiful"? Of course I get the vulgar answers that I expected, but they remember I'm a chick. They explain that "she is not real" and that this is just for enjoyment.

"Not Real"---what does that mean? This woman is breathing and her heart is beating?

I guess I'm just rambling......I've been told that I'm lucky to be slim/slender. That's always makes me laugh and I wonder what those women who get these procedures done think or wish.

Again, I'm not trying to be a hater. You do what you have to do to make your life comfortable and to be able to take care of yourself financially.

Then I think about the future generations of women; I wonder what the next definition of pretty will be and how much will it cost?

But alas, I continue letting the 60% tomboy out after work day is done. ( I also secretly allow the 40% girly girl to Google how to put on eyeshadow and what exercises will make you have a nicer behind).


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